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Congratulations to the winners!

Dean of the Faculty of Arts prof. zw. dr hab. Małgorzata Łuszczak
dr hab. Krzysztof Marek Bąk – Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts
prof. Joanna Piech-Kalarus
dr hab. Marek Sibinský
dr hab. Dariusz Gajewski
dr Mikołaj Marcela

Representatives of the students in the Jury:
Student – Maciej Jaroszyński
Student – Maja Seweryn
Student (lic.) – Marta Frąckowiak

All works: 1010
The awarded 6
The work highlighted: 5
The works nominated for awards: 21
Special Guests: 3
The sum of the works qualified for the exhibition: 235

Thank you all for these works!